High Hill Haven Horse Rescue

1682 High Hill Road - Earlton, NY 12058


Adoption Process

 Adopt a horse from our rescue and you save two lives.  You not only save the life of the horse you adopt but also the life of second horse by opening up a spot for us to pull another one from being loaded on the "trailer of death".

Anyone wishing to adopt a horse from our rescue must go through an adoption process which includes filling out forms and answering questions so we may check references and backgrounds.  We also may do a site check before approving any adoption.   Please understand that this is not only for the protection of the horse who has been through so much already, but also to try to match as best we can, the proper horse with the proper owner. 

Once an adoption is approved, the owner is required to sign a contract so the horse will never end up at auction or in the hands of a broker again.  (Contracts and all other papers can be emailed or "snail" mailed to the prospective owner).

Adoption fee/donation is collected upon submission of signed contract.  Until the adoption fee is paid and contract is received, the horse is still available for someone else to adopt.  Adoption fees that are paid for the horses are used to either "bail" another one from the "kill pens", or feed, vet and care for the remaining horses in our rescue.

All adoption fees are considered donations and are non-refundable.

If you have made the decision and would like to adopt one of our rescue horses, contact us and we will send the forms necessary to start the process.

Board of Directors

  • Carol Peters - Founder/Director
  • Philip Peters - Co-Founder/Director
  • Bradly Peters - Director
  • Tahira Ashraf - Director
  • Dana Camley - Director
  • Jayme Hendrickson - Director
  • Luke Hendrickson - Director

Horses Rescued since 2010

  1. Betsy - from PA "kill pen" rainbow bridge
  2. April - from Camelot "kill pen"  #633 Adopted
  3. Buddy - fromCamelot "kill pen" Adopted
  4. Shane - from PA "kill pen" Adopted
  5. Valspar - from PA "kill pen" Adopted
  6. Little Job - from PA "kill pen" rainbow bridge
  7. Libby - from PA "kill pen"  permanent resident
  8. Cheyenne - from PA "kill pen" permanent resident
  9. Shiloh - (Cheyenne's colt 4/19/11) Adopted
  10. Cowboy - from PA"kill pen" Adopted
  11. Decker - Owner Surrender permanent resident
  12. Paladin - 2015 colt Adopted

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