High Hill Haven Horse Rescue

1682 High Hill Road - Earlton, NY 12058

"If man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals." ~ Albert Einstein

Our Mission Statement

High Hill Haven Horse Rescue Inc. is a small private equine rescue.   We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of horses in need; assisting horses in situations of neglect, abuse, abandonment, owner surrender, or threat of slaughter for human consumption; to educate the public regarding the standards of care required to maintain a horse as a riding partner and/or companion animal in a humane manner.

Our Goals

(1)  Accept into our program horses in need; (2)  Assist in the placement of horses under the care of private owners who can no longer maintain them; (3)  Rehabilitate and adopt out horses to suitable homes as sport horse prospects, pleasure riding prospects or as retirement/companion animals; (4)  Provide necessary management veterinary and farrier care for those horses under our protection.  (5)  Obtain sponsorships for those horses who maintain a permanent residency within the auspices of our organization; (6)  Obtain funding for the care and maintenance of the horses who maintain a temporary residency within our organization, before they transition to their forever homes through fund raisers, donations and private sponsorships; (7)  To provide all animals under our care with a comfortable and dignified existence without pain or suffering.  If and when physical and medical circumstances no longer allow that comfortable life; to let them go gently and kindly with a humane veterinary assisted euthanasia; (8)  To operate this program as a 100% volunteer organization.

About Us

 High Hill Haven Horse Rescue Inc. is a small private equine rescue that was established in March 2010 by Carol Peters, her husband Phil Peters and son, Brad Peters.  We were incorporated in June 2010.    Our rescue is located in Earlton, New York on 20 acres and currently have several rescue horses on site as well as pygmy goats, ducks, chickens and guinea fowl.  

High Hill Haven Horse Rescue Inc.  was created after our family was introduced to the horrific reality that horses in this country are being auctioned off to be slaughtered and consumed by people in other countries.  After seeing some of these horses that were once someone's beloved pet or companion, and knowing that some of these previous owners have no idea where their horses have ended up, we had to get involved in some way.  The thought of these magnificent animals being inhumanely butchered was just too much to stand by and do nothing.

In these "kill pens" you will find horses of all breeds, ages, sizes and dispositions, pregnant mares, stallions, foals and ponies.  From Draft Horses to Miniature Horses, Donkeys and Mules.  Many are racehorses, show horses, brood mares, PMU mares, foals and family pets.  Most of these animals have spent their whole lives serving humans for whatever job or task they were given, only to be tossed away all used up, to end up standing in a "kill pen" waiting to be loaded onto a truck to be transported out of this country.  These double decker trailers are not meant for the transport of horses and these horses are packed so tight that they can't move their heads and if one falls, it is trampled under the feet of the other horses.  Some get their legs caught and broken only to suffer and sometimes die right on the truck.  Their suffering doesn't end there.  Thousands of these animals are shipped out of this country every year for the same purpose, to be slaughtered for human consumption. 

High Hill Haven Horse Rescue Inc. relies on gifts and donations from the public in order to feed, vet and maintain our horses and save more horses from slaughter.   Once a horse is ready for adoption, we place an adoption fee on the horse, which when paid goes right back to the horses again.  We hope that visitors to our site understand the importance of contributions in either form of money or donated items.  See "Help Us" for our list of items we could use for the horses. Even small donations help by paying for hay, farrier work, medicines, and even treats! 

Future Plans for our Rescue

We not only want to be able to provide  a safe haven for horses and other animals we rescue, but we would also like to make our little peace of heaven available for others in our community to come and enjoy.  We hope to be able to provide a little "petting zoo" type atmosphere for parents to be able to bring their children to visit and interact with the animals. Someone even donated two pygmy goats to start us off.

We also have plans to use several of the rescue horses as "therapy" horses for children and adults.  Animals are great therapy for everyone and invite the community to utilize our small farm and animals for that purpose.