High Hill Haven Horse Rescue

1682 High Hill Road - Earlton, NY 12058

                   In Loving Memory of my Father

 William A. Matter

October 7, 1933 - July 17, 2010 


A man that I looked up to, was proud of, respected, adored and admired with all my heart.  He taught me right from wrong, how to chase my dreams and to be passionate about the things I enjoy and love to do.  I learned from him how to be strong, work hard and go after what I want out of life no matter the twists and turns.  The road eventually brings you there, but with the many experiences along the way it makes it all worth it.  

My parents gave me my very first horse on my 16th birthday.  They were feeding my love and passion for horses and it is with this love and passion that I have started High Hill Haven - Horse Rescue, Inc.  

My father was born and raised in  this community and he loved the land.  The property I have built our home on and started our horse rescue is part of land that he owned and loved for many years.

I dedicate my future work in this rescue to my father. I will be strong and continue to work hard to do what I believe is right, and that is saving horses from a cruel and inhumane death by slaughter, for human consumption.  I will remain passionate about my dreams and follow my heart to make this rescue a successful organization.

 Dad, I will always miss you and love  you...♥

           Carol Matter-Peters